Conferences for Parents and Professionals

Advance LA offers conferences and workshops for professionals on a variety of topics to meet the growing need to support teens and young adults during their transition to independence. We are committed to offering evidence-based, practical solutions, you can really use in your work with these youth and their families.

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Our Upcoming Conferences:


Our Past Conferences:

The Science of Happiness: Purpose. Connection. Optimism. Grit.
The 4th Annual Advance LA Conference, The Science of Happiness: Purpose. Connection. Optimism. Grit., was a huge success. Speakers presented practical ways to foster and maintain happiness through the development of purpose, connection, optimism, and grit.

The Advance LA Conference welcomed more than 370 parents, educators, clinicians, researchers, graduate and undergraduate students to engage leading experts in the latest research and best practices for young adults with autism, learning differences and ADHD. Young people with special needs experience the same benefits of positive emotions as their typical peers. Happiness broadens focus and expands thinking, improves the ability to problem-solve, builds physical, intellectual and social skills, counteracts negative emotions, increases creativity and boosts the immune system. Read More.


ResilienceConference20142014 Resilience
The Conference featured 14 nationally prominent experts who focus their research and practices on how best to support young people with learning differences, autism and ADHD in their transition to college, the workplace and beyond. “Our goal is to spark dialogue amongst parents and professionals by presenting research and interventions that support the young person’s ability to be resilient and develop the inner strength needed to maximize their potential,” Jill Rosenberg, Director of Advance LA. Read More

Innovate20132013 Innovate
The Innovate Conference for parents, professionals, and young adults was a unique two-day experience. Day one of the conference brought together a community of professionals and parents who explored innovative and viable strategies to ease the transition between high school and the next step. Day two, the first conference of its kind designed specifically for teens and young adults, featured a number of hands-on interactive workshops that provided attendees with the opportunity to learn new skills and interact with peers. Workshops were conducted on topics such as searching for a job, exploring creative arts, managing stress, healthy living, college exploration and success, and building relationships with others. Read More

PrepLaunchElevate2012 Prep. Launch. Elevate.
Advance LA’s first annual conference prep.launch.elevate: Supporting Teens & Young Adults in their Transition to Independence was a groundbreaking event. Held on May 11th at the American Jewish University in Los Angeles, the conference featured more than 20 leading experts who presented the latest breakthroughs and best practices in supporting young adults in their transition to independence. One key theme of the conference was the importance of transforming young lives by focusing on strengths and abilities. Read More