Our Mission

Since 1975, The Help Group has provided cutting edge programming for children and families with special needs. Advance LA is the next generation of ground-breaking services being offered by the largest, most innovative and comprehensive nonprofit of its kind in the United States.

At Advance LA we offer the answer to one of the most frequently asked questions by parents of teens and young adults with special needs, “What happens next?” Our personalized program provides clients with the experiences and opportunities necessary to lead a fulfilling adult life.

Advance LA’s mission is to provide resources, support, and training to teens and young adults with a wide range of needs including learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Asperger’s Syndrome, executive functioning difficulties, ADHD, and other social, emotional and behavioral challenges including substance abuse recovery.

Our Services Includeour mission

  • One-on-One Life Skills Coaching
  • Transitional Living Program
  • Social and Recreational Clubs for Teens and Young Adults
  • Parent-to-Parent Support Groups
  • Parent and Family Coaching
  • Workshops for Teens and Young Adults
  • Conferences for Parents and Professionals

We offer that much-needed support that facilitates a greater level of independence for each of our youth based on their individual needs in several key areas:

  • Life Skills: may include increasing motivation, money management, self-advocacy, cooking, physical safety, utilizing public transportation, personal hygiene, and accountability
  • Executive Functioning: skills include organization, time management, self-monitoring, and emotional control
  • Social Connections: focusing on the development of healthy, long-lasting social relationships with peers in their local community, at work, or on their school campus
  • Academic Supports: providing support in academic coursework in high school, college, and beyond, assisting in exploring interests and passions that will lead to academic pursuits, identifying appropriate colleges, completing the college application process, and practicing the skills required to be successful in college
  • Health and Wellness: developing healthy eating and exercise habits and incorporating them into a daily routine, as well as identifying individual stressors and learning effective coping strategies.
  • Internships and Careers: identifying strengths and interests and exploring possible vocational or career paths, enhancing positive communication skills, learning job application and interview techniques, and building on strengths and abilities.


Direct Support is Provided In:

  • Home Settings
  • Academic Settings including College Campuses
  • Work Settings
  • Your Community

As the population continues to grow, so does the need for high quality services. At Advance LA we are dedicated to meeting the current and future needs of these teens, young adults and their families, ensuring they make meaningful progress. Through our work, we hope to inspire personal growth and development, offer a sense of mastery and accomplishment, and allow the individual to reach greater levels of independence.

Please contact us at advancela@thehelpgroup.org  or call our Advance LA office (818) 779-5198 for more information.