Club LA Lounge – Winter Beach Party

A group of nine adults hung out at Club LA Lounge’s Winter Beach Party on Sunday, December 14th. The room was transformed into a comfortable indoor beach with splashes of blue, beach balls, sea shells, beach chairs, and a boogie board. As everyone relaxed and made new friends, many played Jenga, Uno, Connect 4, and various video games. Other participants shared music and drawings with one another. Everyone got a chance to experience unusual flavors in our soda tasting. Flavors included chocolate, buffalo wing, gingerbread, bacon, and marshmallow!

Our next Club LA Lounge event will be our first ever night-time lounge on Friday, January 23rd from 6:30-8:30 pm. Hope to see you there!


Club LA Recap – Speed Friend-ing

Twelve excited and sociable adults participated in Club LA’s Speed Friend-ing event on Sunday, December 8th. Participants talked with one another in pairs for five minutes each before switching to a new conversation partner. Keeping conversations short kept it lively and enabled people to quickly discover common interests. Topics included movies, music, games, and much more.  Afterwards, everyone hung out, had some refreshments, talked, and played board games or card games. It was a fun afternoon where many participants left with phone numbers and new Facebook friends! Join us for our next meetup! www.meetup.com/ClubLA


Club LA Recap – Video Game Tournament

Thirteen young adults gathered on Sunday, November 16, to participate in the Club LA Video Game Tournament.  A huge thank you to RV Arcade who provided their truck packed with state of the art gaming equipment. Participants were not limited to just video games – several of our participants enjoyed board games, too! Everyone had a blast!

Don’t miss our next Advance LA event, Speed Friending! Have fun while connecting with like-minded and interesting people in a low-pressure, accepting environment. Here’s how it works: You’ll have 3-4 minutes to introduce yourself to someone and get to know each other a little bit, and then you’ll rotate to the next person allowing you to meet and make several new friends. We’ll provide the icebreakers and conversation topics to help you get started. RSVP today at www.meetup.com/ClubLA.