Advance LA Summer Prep Program is a week-long residential program designed for young people between the ages of 16 and 21. The program is open to young men and women who are:

Preparing for the transition to college
Currently enrolled in college, but would benefit from additional practice in skills leading to academic success
Exploring vocational options

The Summer Prep Program serves individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and Executive Functioning Difficulties. 

Advance LA’s Summer PREP Program is held in a supportive environment where participants can learn and practice the skills necessary to be successful and inde¬pendent in their college or career pursuits while gaining the experience of living away from their families. The schedule includes engaging activities and the opportunity to meet new people with similar backgrounds and challenges.

Participants who elect the college path will focus on skills which will help strengthen academic success, including:

Navigating college campuses
Study and organizational skills
Accessing social and academic resources


Participants who choose the vocational path will focus on skills and activities necessary to be successful in a career, including:

Vocational assessments
Multi-day Internship placements
Exploration of community job supports and vocational programs

Participants will practice independent living skills, including:

Money Management

Participants will engage in activities designed to support the following social skills:

Making and maintaining friendships
Compromise and flexibility

The following executive functioning strategies will be put into practice:

Schedule implementation
Time management

Daily schedule includes implementation of a variety of health and wellness activities:

Identifying coping stressors and coping strategies