As we continue our mission of helping young people advance toward their highest potential to lead happy, healthy, and independent lives, Live. Advance. LA is looking to the next step after the dorm experience. As young adults are ready to transition to the next level of independence, many of them continue to require additional guidance and support in order to be successful living in their own apartment.

Through our program at Live.Advance.LA Tier 2, individuals will experience independent living at their own pace. Residents will live on their own – but they are not alone. Each resident will be assigned a life skills coach who will assist them in meeting their individual goals as related to living independently. In addition, the program includes weekly group coaching which will help facilitate social connections as well as provide additional support for the skills necessary to manage an apartment as a group. Through individual and group work, residents will experience independence with support.

While achieving independence is the goal, many parents want to be kept informed of their young adult’s progress. The program will include weekly and as-needed communication with parents and other members of the team as necessary.

Apartment living, as opposed to dorm living, provides a chance to explore instruction in all areas of household organization and the management of daily life.


Who We Serve:

Residents should:

  • Be of average to above average intelligence
  • Struggle with social or communication difficulties, learning differences, ADHD, high functioning autism, or executive functioning challenges
  • Exhibit behavioral stability but may need minimal assistance in motivation and follow- through in activities of independent living
  • Have the ability to take medications independently
  • Be enrolled in school or have a regular internship or job
  • Be able to follow a basic daily schedule with minimal assistance
  • Be between the ages of 18 and 35 upon time of admission


Key Points of Program

Individualized Life Skills Coaching

Residents will continue to practice the following skills on an individual basis with an assigned life skills coach:

Executive Functioning: organization strategies, time management, self-monitoring, and problem solving

Academic Success: coursework support, college selection and application process, accessing campus resources

Health and Wellness: healthy eating and exercise habits, stress management, coping strategies

Internships & Careers: internship placement, vocational or career exploration, job application process, interview techniques


Group Coaching

Residents will continue to practice the following skills with their peers as facilitated by a life skills coach:

Social Community: planning social activities and events, problem solving and group advocacy, encourage healthy and active social life, group stress management

Independent Living Skills: managing group living, grocery shopping and group meal preparation, community responsibilities, managing household finances