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woman outside in a snowing forest with her back to the camera, arms raised up, wearing a red beanie.
Setting New Intentions for 2022 495 400 Advance LA

Setting New Intentions for 2022

Setting New Intentions for 2022 “Intentions compressed into words enfold magical power.” ~Deepak Chopra  New year, new opportunities! January is the perfect time to reflect, dream, prepare and set intentions. Setting intentions is the act of stating what you intend to accomplish through your own choices and actions. It is your own personal commitment to…

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Dec blog feature image of two hands holding a mug with steam, in front of a lit fireplace
No Place Like Home For The Holidays 495 401 Advance LA

No Place Like Home For The Holidays

No Place Like Home For The HolidaysAs the saying goes, “there’s no place like home for the holidays” – and even after all of the time we have spent indoors, home can still feel comforting. We may not have our traditional celebrations, office parties, or special get-togethers with close friends because we are still dealing…

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Nov Blog feature image of a bouquet of autumn leaves
An Intentional Thanksgiving 495 401 Advance LA

An Intentional Thanksgiving

An Intentional ThanksgivingThe phrase, “attitude of gratitude” may seem like a cliche, but during  challenging times, taking the time to pause and experience gratitude may help to change your perspective and give you a more positive outlook on life. The pandemic seems to have placed us all in a new world. For some neurodivergent young…

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two hands holding each other, with a bouquet of autumn leaves
Tips for Overcoming Dating Challenges 495 401 Advance LA

Tips for Overcoming Dating Challenges

Tips for Overcoming Dating ChallengesThe parts of life that make daily life challenging for neurodivergent people can really come to the forefront when it comes to dating. The aspects of dating that include social cues, caring about another person’s perspective, and making small talk can be quite anxiety provoking for neurodivergent people. However, in talking…

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ALA Blog Sept 2021 square image
Learning To Live With Uncertainty 495 401 Advance LA

Learning To Live With Uncertainty

Learning To Live With UncertaintyCollege students have become used to their plans constantly changing. After most campuses shut down in Spring 2020 due to Covid-19, colleges now seem ready to have students return for Fall 2021. But many students say they are receiving emails from their schools that offer sometimes confusing information about what campus…

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ALA Blog Aug 2021 square image
Combatting Covid-19 Re-Entry Anxiety 495 401 Advance LA

Combatting Covid-19 Re-Entry Anxiety

Combatting Covid-19 Re-Entry AnxietyLife feels so different now. Last summer, many of us thought that life would soon be back to normal. Now, a year later and still dealing with a global pandemic, it can be hard to imagine life as it used to be. It is understandable that many neurodivergent young adults are resisting…

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ALA Blog July 2021 square image
College Prep In The Summer Pays Off In The Fall 495 400 Advance LA

College Prep In The Summer Pays Off In The Fall

College Prep In The Summer Pays Off In The FallFor college freshmen, July is the month for spending time at the beach, having a BBQ with friends, lounging in a hammock on a lazy afternoon – and preparing for the fall semester at college. Did that last part of that sentence give you pause? Neurodivergent…

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June Blog feature image of group of black graduation hats
The Mixed Emotions of Transition 600 600 Advance LA

The Mixed Emotions of Transition

The MixedEmotions of TransitionFrom all of us at Advance LA, congratulations to the high school graduates! This is a huge milestone for a young person who has completed thirteen years of education. It is typical for high school seniors to experience mixed emotions as they participate in graduation ceremonies and parties. Feelings of fear, anxiety,…

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