About Advance LA


Advance LA was created to address the unique challenges and needs of the 18+ population and help answer the questions, “what happens next?” and “how to avoid failure to launch syndrome?” Through a range of programs and services, we help people who want to move forward in their lives but may need additional tools and guidance due to social or learning differences, including autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, executive functioning difficulties, learning differences, and others.

Our Services

Our qualified staff and coaches provide resources, support, how to improve social skills, and training to those who may be struggling with the challenges of higher education, entering the workforce, independent living, and other issues. We take a personalized approach that helps them progress and provides what they need to lead a more fulfilling life.

One-on-One Coaching

Advance LA’s one-on-one coaching helps young adults who want to progress in their lives and avoid failure to launch syndrome, but may feel “stuck” and need some help. We take goals and dreams that seem impossible and help create a road map to success. We also offer dating coach services for young adults with autism and other social and learning differences.

Social & Recreational Clubs

Advance LA’s social activities are specifically designed for young adults who need a safe, welcoming, non-judgmental place to meet others with similar interests. Our club l.a. social group meets once a month for a fun event such as karaoke night, bowling, or speed-friending.

Dating & Relationships Coaching

Advance LA offers dating coach services for young adults with autism and other social and learning differences. We help clients with dating and social skills, how to make an online dating profiles, the do’s and don’ts of online dating, and practice appropriate texting. We also help clients on how to be a good partner and be in a relationship.

Parent-to-Parent Support Group

Our free ongoing P2P (Parent to Parent) Support Group is for parents and caregivers. We meet virtually, twice a month, on the first and third Thursday at 6pm. This is a safe place to share, gain valuable information, advice and resources, and benefit from the experiences and support of others.

Parent & Family Coaching

Our Clinical Director offers parent and family coaching to provide tools to support your child throughout the process to greater independence; help you fine-tune your relationship with your young adult; and allow them to uncover skills and abilities that will improve overall quality of life.

Conferences for Parents & Professionals

Our conferences feature prominent experts whose research and practice support young people with autism, learning differences and ADHD in their transition to college, the workplace, and beyond. The conference theme focuses on the many strengths neurodiverse young adults can harness as they transition to adulthood.

Enrichment Classes

Advance LA offers fun classes for young adults, ages 18-29, with diverse challenges. These classes offer great opportunities to meet others with similar interests, develop friendships, and expand skills.


Advance LA’s has partnered with The Help Group’s Lumina Counseling. Lumina Counseling offers individual, group, couples and family therapy, in addition to psycho-educational evaluations and diagnostic assessments.

Our Support

We offer much-needed support based on individual needs in several key areas.

Executive Functioning

Organization, Time Management, Self-Monitoring

Internships & Careers

Identifying strengths & interests, exploring possible vocational or career paths, learning job application & interview techniques

Social Connections

Positive communication skills, building and maintaining healthy friendships with peers, learning dating skills

Life Skills

Increasing motivation, money management, self-advocacy, cooking, physical safety, utilizing public transportation, personal hygiene, accountability

Academic Supports

Academic coursework, exploring interests and passions that will lead to academic pursuits, assist with the application process, note-taking and study skills

Health & Wellness

Healthy eating and exercise habits and incorporating them into a daily routine, identifying individual stressors, learning effective coping strategies

What People Are Saying About Us


Advance LA is one of the signature programs of The Help Group, the largest nonprofit of its kind in the United States. Since 1975, The Help Group has worked with children, adolescents, and adults with special needs related to autism spectrum disorder, learning differences, ADHD, developmental delays, abuse, and emotional problems.

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