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New Year, Fresh Start! 495 401 Advance LA

New Year, Fresh Start!

New Year, Fresh Start!“Take the first step. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Wise words from Dr. King. The beginning of a new year is a fresh start, the perfect time to set a goal and work toward the wonderful feeling of…

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A Perfectly Imperfect Holiday 495 401 Advance LA

A Perfectly Imperfect Holiday

A Perfectly Imperfect HolidayHoliday perfectionism is one of the main causes of holiday stress. Whether it’s spending all day cooking the perfect recipes for your holiday feast, making sure your house is perfectly decorated, or spending all day trying to perfectly wrap gifts, trying to do it all can zap any ounce of holiday joy.…

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Home For The Holidays 600 600 Advance LA

Home For The Holidays

Home For The HolidaysAs the saying goes, “there’s no place like home for the holidays” – especially this year! For all of us, this will be a very unique holiday season. We may not have our traditional celebrations, office parties, or special get-togethers with close friends due to the current pandemic. But for some neurodivergent folks, celebrating…

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Tips on How to Draw Your Future 600 600 Advance LA

Tips on How to Draw Your Future

Tips onHow to Draw Your FutureAs we all know, January is the traditional time to make a list of resolutions to improve our behavior. But for those of us with executive functioning challenges, it is also a time to be kind to ourselves about any incomplete resolutions from the previous year and start out with…

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3 Tips for Managing the Holidays 600 600 Advance LA

3 Tips for Managing the Holidays

3 Tips forManaging the HolidaysFor some of us, the holiday season can be a minefield of social expectations. There is a lot of pressure placed on everyone during the holidays to spend time with family and friends. But those types of interaction require a social proficiency that can be difficult for young adults with challenges.…

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Felt letter board titled "4 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress" next to dried orange slices, a pumpkin, and pinecones
4 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress 600 600 Advance LA

4 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress

4 Ways toReduce Holiday StressNovember brings the start of holiday fun and excitement! But despite the joys of the season, many people find themselves feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by the holiday season’s extra activities, social and familial demands, and general stress. Most of us try to load up our already busy schedules while worrying about…

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Tips to Keep Holiday Stress at Bay 600 600 Advance LA

Tips to Keep Holiday Stress at Bay

10 Tips to KeepHoliday Stress at Bay for Young AdultsHolidays bring fun and joy – and also a fair amount of stress! Decorating, holiday visits, and shopping for gifts can be overwhelming for all family members. You may notice that your adult child with special needs is feeling overwhelmed and stressed out but they are…

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