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New Year, Fresh Start! 495 401 Advance LA

New Year, Fresh Start!

New Year, Fresh Start!“Take the first step. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Wise words from Dr. King. The beginning of a new year is a fresh start, the perfect time to set a goal and work toward the wonderful feeling of…

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A Perfectly Imperfect Holiday 495 401 Advance LA

A Perfectly Imperfect Holiday

A Perfectly Imperfect HolidayHoliday perfectionism is one of the main causes of holiday stress. Whether it’s spending all day cooking the perfect recipes for your holiday feast, making sure your house is perfectly decorated, or spending all day trying to perfectly wrap gifts, trying to do it all can zap any ounce of holiday joy.…

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Parenting A Neurodivergent Young Adult 495 401 Advance LA

Parenting A Neurodivergent Young Adult

The Unique Joys And Challenges Of Parenting A Neurodivergent Young AdultNovember is the month where having an “attitude of gratitude” is promoted. For parents of neurodivergent young adults, it can be challenging at times to feel gratitude. There can be moments of feeling overwhelmed and time spent wishing life could be easier for your child.…

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Living With Your Young Adult 600 600 Advance LA

Living With Your Young Adult

Living With Your Young AdultFor many parents and young adults who live together at home, life can sometimes be a bit frustrating. Parents may prefer more structure while young adults may yearn for more freedom. One way for parents and young adults to navigate this complicated time is to set boundaries. Firm, clear boundaries create…

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