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Make Your Own Luck! 495 401 Advance LA

Make Your Own Luck!

Make Your Own Luck!During the month of March, our thoughts can turn to the idea of luck and why some people seem to have all of it. There are those people who seem to easily find jobs they like, who have a fun and supportive group of friends, and for whom life just seems to…

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Navigating Romantic Relationships 495 401 Advance LA

Navigating Romantic Relationships

Navigating Romantic RelationshipsRomantic relationships are complex and confusing for everybody! But, for some neurodivergent people, romantic relationships are even more challenging. Many neurodivergent young adults crave intimacy and love, but they may be unsure how to achieve it in a romantic relationship. They may not understand the everyday subtle social cues from their partner. This…

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Summertime Is Perfect for Dipping A Toe Into The Dating Pool 495 401 Advance LA

Summertime Is Perfect for Dipping A Toe Into The Dating Pool

Summertime Is Perfect for Dipping A Toe Into The Dating PoolSome people find themselves feeling more relaxed and care-free during the summer months. Maybe the reason is the availability of fun activities such as beach trips, evening strolls to the ice cream store, barbecues, and outdoor concerts. All of these options are good ideas for…

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Looking For Love? Start with Friendship! 495 401 Advance LA

Looking For Love? Start with Friendship!

Looking For Love? Start with Friendship!Our clients often share with their Advance LA Life Skills Coaches that they hope to find love and romance, while also acknowledging that creating friendships can be a challenge. Our Coaches approach this situation by helping their clients to first shore up their friendship skills before embarking on the search…

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Tips for Overcoming Dating Challenges 495 401 Advance LA

Tips for Overcoming Dating Challenges

Tips for Overcoming Dating ChallengesThe parts of life that make daily life challenging for neurodivergent people can really come to the forefront when it comes to dating. The aspects of dating that include social cues, caring about another person’s perspective, and making small talk can be quite anxiety provoking for neurodivergent people. However, in talking…

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Finding Love And Romance 600 600 Advance LA

Finding Love And Romance

Assisting Young Adults With ASD With Finding Love And RomanceWhile February days are often cold and gray, Valentine’s Day can be a true bright spot. As Dr. Seuss said, “You know when you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because the reality is finally better than your dreams.” Cheers to love! It is natural…

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two sets of hand holding a heart shaped box with "Love" engraved on it on a bow tied on it, surrounded by presents and paper hearts
Dating for Young Adults with Diverse Challenges 600 600 Advance LA

Dating for Young Adults with Diverse Challenges

Dating for Young Adults with Diverse ChallengesOh, February – the month where the focus is on romance and dating. For all of us, dating can be nerve-wracking and anxiety-inducing. For neurodiverse young adults, dating can be particularly challenging due to a lack of self-confidence and insecurities. A lot of people get nervous about dating and…

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